Saturday, 24 April 2010

Van der Hof Garden

A small portion of the Garden
Narcissus Mount Hood (Mount Hood Daffodil) This is such a beautiful daffodil, It does not describe to words easily to do it justice.
Prunus Burbank (Burbank Plum) I gave this a heavy pruning in the fall of 2008 . Last year it was ugly, however now again this year it is starting to look like it's former glorious self. I missed the Grandeur of this tree for a year. I am so looking forward to next year.

I was so honoured this evening by my next door neighbour. He saw me in my Garden and stated that the Garden needed a name. So I said sure. I had never given it a thought before. He is Dutch born and just celebrated his 80th Birthday on Thursday. Anyway he gave the Garden the name of Van der Hof. I really like it. It sounds important !!!!!. Any way in old Dutch it means "of the garden", so it is well suited. To-day he says the "Hof" tends to mean Lawn. still well suited as I have a fair size lawn as well.


  1. 'Van der Hof' is a great name for this beautiful garden. The plum tree is looking great!

  2. Thank-you I love the name. I am kind of partial to the Germanic languages any way. It sounds just great to me