Tuesday, 20 April 2010

A little bit of the Netherlands at home and next door

These are a really nice yellow Tulip. I have no idea what this one is but it is a Darwin variety. Maybe "Strong Gold" but that is a guess.

The Dicentra spectabilis Gold Heart  (Gold Heart Bleeding Heart). This is a favourite plant of mine. It was a flower gift to me when my Mom passed away a couple of years ago. I am so glad for the plant rather than cut flowers, as I see it annually now and is a wonderful reminder of past times.

The Prunus salicina Burbank (Burbank Plum), This is a wonderful tree and a great producer. The flowering is just starting and in a few days it will be amazing.

My Neighbour's Prunus x Falling Snow (Falling Snow Cherry Standard.). This tree is spectacular. A real show stopper on the street.

My neighbour's front yard has this wonderful Windmill. He is a native of the Netherlands. Coming here after the war. It is wonderful to experience the culture of other lands next door. His wife is American so double the culture curve. My Mother's family are Dutch as well. So a little bit in common with my Neighbour. I love to hear his stories and experiences of the War Years as a young man in horrible times.


  1. WOW...gorgeous!
    Blessings, andrea

  2. Thank-you so much. My neighbour truly has some beautiful flowering trees

  3. sonny, i felt really sad to have seen those boxes and boxes of the netherlands tulips that could not be shipped out and they were all dying because they could not be delivered.
    if they were any where as near beautiful as yours, it sure is a shame!
    this IS a beutiful tree sonny sikora, but it just looks so much like a tree in a winter wonderland that i find it a little scary to look at..i don't want to see another flake of snow for a long long time..ha!..love terry

  4. I could not think of a better name for this tree Falling Snow, it really looks like it and in the dawn it looks like Ghost Frost on the tree. This is an outstanding tree