Thursday, 29 April 2010

Lawn Repairs

To-day was the day to fix the lawn. YUCK!!!!! Anyway the grass areas are in fairly good shape so it was a patch job really. This was interesting as the problem had been persistent for years in the same area. As it turns out from doing some digging, the area was full of very old styled Shingles and Tyre pieces. So some one at some time used this spot to bury garbage.

Here is one way to do the repair...

Prepare soil by removing weeds and damaged grass. For best results, enlarge the area about 15 cms beyond the problem itself. Next, prepare the soil as thoroughly as you would if you were replanting a new lawn. Turn it over to a depth of 15 cms, removing any obvious roots or rocks. Add some compost or well rotted manure and mix into the soil well. Lawn Soils specifically formulated for starting lawn seeds which contain a starter fertilizer can also be used. Smooth with a ground rake and then firm soil with your hands.

Sow seed at the rate recommended on the package, scattering by hand. Rake to cover with a thin layer of soil. If the weather is especially hot or dry, cover the seed with a light layer of weed-free mulch. Dried grass clippings make an excellent mulch for this.

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