Sunday, 11 April 2010

Another Daffodil Poem


Daffodils Brings the Spring

We all love the daffodils,
We place upon our window sills.
We like how their pretty faces,
Brighten up our living spaces.

Is it Spring or Winter still?
Look upon the nearby hill.
Spring is here with tweet and trill,
If there blooms the daffodil.

If you do not find it there,
You have no need to despair.
Try as gloomy Winter will,
It can’t hold back the daffodil.

Dark green blades and bright faces,
It will bloom in all places.
You might as well give it room
The daffodil intends to bloom. 

Linda Burns

1 comment:

  1. guess what sonny?
    we have THREE daffodils in tulips yet but THREE daffodils!!!
    so nice!....and here you have found another good poem! terry