Sunday, 18 April 2010

a few more spring flowers

Tulipa Golden Charm (Golden Charm Tulip) This is a really small tulip and only reaches a height of 10 cms. This one is great for spring flower borders. The nicest part is they seed readily.

Tulipa Atje Keulen (Atje Keulen Tulip) If you love orange tulips you will love this one. It is a beauty. Early bloomer and has really  nice height. Very showy when the sun is on it.

Muscari armeniacum (Grape Hyacinths) I think these are great little guys. Once you have them you always will. They are so easy to grow and look great. I have many clusters of these guys and they are every where.

The garden is now starting to colour up. Tulips are starting to bloom and in a few days there will be hundreds. Right now still just a few, but I am looking forward to about a week from now. That is when I wish I could take a full garden pic.


  1. Beautiful pics. The spirit of spring is everywhere :-)

  2. Thank-you. Spring came on us here three weeks early and O man are we enjoying it!!! I am so far a head in my Blog that I am already wondering if there will be a dead time between now and the summer blooms.

  3. Spring seems to be in full swing in your garden. It's always nice to have vibrant colors around. Ahh! The cherished muscaris! I love 'em.

  4. The muscaris are fantastic. I used to not care for them at all. I have since come to appreciate the little plants and their resilience.

  5. my favourite is those blue little guys.
    blue is my favourite colour sonny and these little berries wear it well! terry

  6. These are wonderful small flowers and always a joyto have in the garden. I really never liked them in the past but I have gotten to liken them in the last few years.