Thursday, 15 April 2010

This is not me, Honest!!!

I was asked to-day how I get so many pictures for the Blog. It is actually funny how it happens. Every morning I have camera in hand, coffee, a bite to eat, fish food, and a Shih-Tzu in tow. I manage to usually get out the door with out losing any thing and head for the garden.

I almost always take the camera with me out to the garden. I find I miss all the best shots when I do  not


  1. I hope you always remember your camera.
    You take some great photos

  2. Thank-you, I truly enjoy it. I have several thousand pics. One would think that this is a huge garden but really it is an average town size lot. At least for here. Large to Huge if it was in Metro Toronto.

    I checked out that site from George and I joined it. I really like it thank-you for bring it to my attention

  3. Toads are great garden friends. This one looks very happy to be in your garden.

  4. O yes, all of them. I find them fascinating and in a way they are the owners of this garden. It is a city for these guys

  5. well the hand is yours sonny sikora and what a gentle hand it is!
    mr. toad doesn't look one bit scared.
    that is one reason that i hate to cut a lawn because you have to be so careful not to run over toads, frogs or snakes. i keep a keen eye out for these little creatures of god..and so does bernie.
    this toad is a real darling terry

  6. He is one of hundreds here. They have no fear at all. and surprisingly most animals never run from me. I truly have no idea why that is.

  7. you really have no idea why sonny sikora?
    it is because you had a nice babysitter that taught you to love all of god's little creatures and now that you do, they have no fear of you because they know that not only will you not hurt them but you will also protect them!!!love terry