Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Another Tree gets the Chain-saw

Juglans niglans (Eastern Black Walnut)

I had a tree taken down last month it was a Sugar Maple, and now to-day one of my neighbour's had a tree removed as well. This time it is an Eastern Black Walnut.
Problem with old neighbour-hoods like mine is that to many trees that are stately have seen much better and safer days. Always sad to see these destroyed. Sadder still a 23 meter Colorado Blue Spruce was removed last week within my same block. Not a good place for trees to live these days.


  1. dear sonny..this has been a sad few weeks for dunnville with all those royal trees being downed..dunnville has always been such a stately town with its broad streets, large castle looking homes on the main streets and the beautiful trees.
    sad would be the day if it becomes way too modern.
    boy!! they even have THREE signal lights now!
    i guess the signs of the time, eh?
    love terry

  2. O for sure, We are moving forward. The great homes are still here on my street but the tree are disappearing all to fast