Monday, 19 April 2010

Up in the Sky

A strange pic for this site for sure. I live 90 KM due south of the Pearson International Airport (Toronto International). Lester Bowles Pearson was a Canadian Prime Minister, and Nobel Peace Prize winner. This is a normal site now when you look up in the sky here. For some reason I thought it was interesting to-day. So here is a pic. The one heading to the top of the page is a Boeing 737, the other I am not sure. The one heading to the bottom of the page is landing in Toronto the other is headed to the USA or beyond.


  1. Interesting Photo

    I live less than 25 miles from the Los Angeles Airport and that's a common site for us when we can see through the smog.

  2. We are so lucky Lake Ontario is between us and Toronto so we never see the smog. Still though on occasion we do get the warnings for the Smog index with the weather. We just do not see it!!!!!

  3. Nice shot but how can you tell the type of plane? I will say at the moment in England the skies are very quiet thanks to the Icelandic Volcano spewing ash out everywhere. To every cloud is a silver lining.

  4. Mr X. !!! I was actually able to see the plane better when it got over head with mt Zoom Lens. Other wise I would not have had a clue. The other one was to far away so I had no idea.

  5. that is one thing i really miss about living on an air base sonny. we used to hear the sound of planes all of the time..i really do miss that sound and the sound of many trains.
    you know the air base at our beloved rivers, manitoba is now used to store wrecked cars..
    what a shame! that airport sure could tell us a lot of stories!...
    your blue skies remind me of my beloved sky blue and almost cloudless! terry

  6. I always loved jets after living on Rivers Air Base for all those years. I think I noted these because of all the jets being grounded in England and the rest of Northern Europe. What I do enjoy a lot is looking at the con trails and the patterns they make up there some times