Thursday, 29 April 2010

My Mom's Birthday

To-day would have been my Mom's 73rd Birthday. She Passed away a couple of years ago from Bone Cancer. If it should ever strike you to give a bit (Great or Small) to Cancer Research. I am certain all victims will thank-you


  1. dear sonny..this is so touching!
    your mom was just as beautiful as this rose..she was a tender soul and was so good to us goldens.
    did you ever know that she used to pay us for babysitting you and your brothers and SILVER dollars?
    i wish that she was here for her birthday but you know she is in heaven where people will never grow old!
    you were a good son to her and i will always remember when mom golden and i went to your dad's and her fiftieth anniversary how proud she was that some magazine was writing an article about your beautiful garden. you would of never told are too humble but she sure did brag you up!
    i know that you miss her sonny but keep looking up. soon the lord will be coming for his own and we will meet your mom and all of our loved ones in the air! terry

  2. sonny..i KNOW that this is a tulip but it looks more like a pretty rose! terry

  3. Awe Thank-you Terry. This was so nice of you to write. Yep Canadian gardener was here a few years back and did do an article. I am surprised that Mom had mentioned that. I asked it not be told. But It was nice of her to do that.
    yes I miss her very much.