Monday, 19 April 2010

A Few Sun Rise Blooms in the Garden

Here are a few of the Orange Atje Keulen Tulips, they are back dropped by large cedar roots.

A few flowers from the Caltha palustris (Kingcup or Marsh Marigolds). These really are a great spring flower in the garden.

A few Narcissus blooms starting off the day

Tulipa Toronto (Toronto Tulip), This is a wonderful pinkish to red tulip and is very early in the garden. It really is a show stopper in the tulip garden.

These pics were taken at 07:00 hrs this morning just as the sun was starting to shine on them. It is so nice Spring is here in full force now.


  1. Beautiful!

  2. oh boy sonny..your garden is really shaping up!
    is this the time of the year that your work is a little slow and so you have a lot of time in the garden?
    sure is pretty! terry

  3. O no, I work this garden before work and after Daily. That is why most pics are at sunrise and and sun set. I always take my camera out with me. It is kind of a joke in the neighbour-hood. But always lots of fun. I do shift work so I do get days like to-day that I have the full morning to do what ever.