Friday, 9 April 2010

More spring Flowers

The first picture to-day is a Forsythia disambiguation (Forsythia). It is just beautiful at the moment. I wish the flowering would last longer but what a nice way to bring in the Spring

Second is the Narcissus King Alfred  (Daffodil King Alfred) These are always the first Narcissus to bloom every year in the garden. and they are huge. All that greenery below the King Alfred are Myosotis sylvatica (Forget Me Not). I have the blue and white varieties here. Also a large Taraxacum (Dandelion), He will be gone soon.

Thirdly this is Hyacinthaceae (Hyacinth). These are very old now at least 12 years. I plan on digging them up every year but I never have the heart to do it. They sure do not have that perfect flower heads they once did.

Lastly is the Viola septentrionalis Greene ( Northern Woodland Violets. These ones are blooming in my front yard. Not exactly where I would like them. They will loose their flowers next time I cut the grass. I see I also have Glechoma hederacea (Creeping Charley) mixed in. Those will be gone very soon!!!!!


  1. Thank-you, I so enjoy the garden. better I am so glad I started this blog. I appreciate it even more now.

  2. these are all so beautiful sonny!
    is that yellow bush hard to plant?
    at the end of the season last year, bernie and i planted two burning bushes and they are really budding.
    it would be nice to have a yellow bush or two also!
    our daffodils are still trying to bloom but the last two cold days didn't help the situation at all..especially the snow!
    although i guess that daffodils and tulips do prefer the cool weather to the warm.
    sonny when dad golden was transferred to ottawa from our beloved rivers, manitoba, we just couldn't get over the ottawa gardens and gardens of tulips..all different colours of the rainbow!
    sonny do any of the dunnville bushes have jack- in- the-pulpits. i so miss them!
    when i was nursing a little elderly lady for three years, who lived in a large cottage on a bush land, i used to just wait for the jack in the pulpits to show their faces..they are such a regal looking flower!
    if you see one or two, maybe you can take a photo of them and post one, eh?
    take care now! terry