Thursday, 8 April 2010

A Mixed Bag of things To-day


The top photo is of the Viola septentrionalis Greene, in another words the Northern Woodland Violet.
The second is of the Chamaeocyparis pisifera Sungold, or Goldthread False Cyprus. 
Thirdly this is a Cyprinus carpio, better known as a Japaneses Koi. 
Lastly the ever popular and most of time pest is the Sciuridae, or the Eastern Grey Squirrle. 

This was a crazy day for the Latin spellings. My favourite Latin word of all time is "Chameocyparis" It really makes you look like you know what your talking about!!!!!


  1. Great Photos!
    I especially like that purple flower at the top.


  2. Beautiful!
    Blessings and prayers,

  3. betty used to transplant violets that she dug up from the "little woods" when dad golden was stationed in trenton, ontario and she, like you, sonny sikora had a very green thumb. they were so delicate and pretty!

    what are those little monsters[the squirrels] doing sonny? they sure look fat! i hope they are not destroying your garden.!
    our neighbour lady found a clump of our tulips growing in a lawn down the street. those little thieves steal the bulbs and they don't even eat them..they just transplant them at our expense in somebody else's land!!
    oh those little monsters! terry