Friday, 26 March 2010

Signs of Life

Everything is about to happen again for this year of 2010. The days seem to drag as I wait for the explosion of life about to happen. I am sure we all are, here in Canada.

The top picture is that of the Acer saccharum (Sugar Maple). It just started blooming out yesterday. Wonderful to see the tiny red flowers.

The second is of  the (Ilex Blue Princess) Holly Blue Princess. It looks rather beat up right now and the berries are about to drop off. Still everything for this year is ready to go. Buds are about to spring to life.

The third is a miniature daffodil, It is referred to as a Tete a Tete,  it will bloom any day now. These have the same look as regular daffodils but much smaller, max height about 15 cms.

The bottom picture is of the Rhododendron Black Spot. This guy also looks rather rough as well. However shown here is a flower head, so all is good again this year for a great  floral show.

Last night was a really cold one,-7 o C. The tulips have this look of just coming out of the freezer. They do not seem to mind it though. When the sun hits them and they thaw out, they look like nothing ever happened.


  1. I sure hope your tulips are okay after the cold, last night. BEAUTIFUL pictures!
    Blessings, andrea

  2. Such beautiful creation you have captured. Thanks for sharing.
    I support this blog by being a "follower".

  3. Thank-you both for commenting on the Blog. I appreciate it very much. I did virtually nothing with it for 2.5 months but now spring is here and I will get into this as much as I did in November. I now take the camera out side with me daily and will post any thing of interest that attracts my attention. Then post them here. Or at least some of the pics. It will be another 3 weeks before I can start getting fancy with flowers and close ups. Not to mention insects and birds.

  4. sonny, i have never seen those little red berries before...they are so pretty and it is so nice to see the maple tree budding.
    last week was a good time for the kids to be off school. they went to agape valley to the sugar bush and had lots of pan cakes and sausage and plenty of maple syrup!
    yes for sure sonny, don't let your camera out of your sight as spring is bursting out all over the place!..good boy! terry