Friday, 26 March 2010

The First Flowers of the Year

Crocus vernus, (Crocus Hybrid),  Hemerocallis fluva, (Ditch Lily), and Tulipa ( Tulip Emperor Red)

Here it is, it happened to-day. My first flower blooms in the garden. These are (Crocus vernus)  hybrid Crocuses. I am surprised that they even tried to bloom as it is so cold right now for this time of the year. I suspect that they will be fully open to-marrow. I will take this as being open.
By the way the Cultivated Crocuses come from Northern Iran and Turkey, as do Tulips. They were both introduced to Europe during the Crusades. 

The lower picture is a grouping of Tulips. These are the Emperor Red, and, (Hemerocallis fluva) or Common Ditch Lilies. Everything here is about 3 cm high so a long way to go. This looks really nice when the tulips bloom as the day lilies will have fantastic leaves by then and the red blooms of the Tulips will make it very impressive


  1. dear sonny..i can't wait to see your red roses!
    maybe you will be able to make a ruby tuesday post of them.
    i am sure you are able did some fantastic ones last year but is you need help, just let me know ok sonny? terry

  2. O man I need help. I just can not remember how to do it