Saturday, 6 March 2010

The Grand River in March

The first picture is the mighty Grand River above the Dam. This river is the longest river in Southern Ontario. It starts near Georgian Bay and ends at Lake Erie. The largest City that is built on it is Kitchener, Ontario

The second picture is of a few Greater Canada Geese. These birds were so over hunted that by the 1920's they were almost extinct. They became protected and was to become the first successful project to protect a species in the Americas. There are so many to-day it is hard to believe that by 1930 there was less than 100 mating pair left in the world.

The third picture is of  Long Bridge, in Dunnville. The first bridge was built in the 1820's and made of wood. It was the longest Bridge in Canada at that time. This bridge was constructed in the 1950's..

The Dam at Dunnville was also constructed in the 1820's and that was to help with the water flow for the original Welland Canal. The canals that were constructed above the dam were called the feeders. They are still here but no longer used.

Lastly, Long Bridge and the Dam. What you see here is all relatively new. The Bridge being constructed in the early 1950's and the Dam was reconstructed in the mid 1990's


  1. sonny..these are just splendid pictures.
    did you take them?
    my favourite one is the canada geese walking along the snowy shores..
    so beautiful!
    you are teaching me some good history of my home town..the birth town of mom golden, betty, myself and teddy...
    keep up the good work sonny sikora! terry

  2. I did take all these pictures. All pictures on this site with one exception are mine.That picture is the sky shot of Dunnville.
    I love our town so I have taken an interest in the history, There is a lot here. As it was a thriving community before many other Cities where even started.