Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Garden Stuff

Here are just a few of my Garden Knick Knack stuff as it were. Kind of neat to see it all out and getting ready for this years show. The last two weeks was all about pond care and leaf removal.  The pond is fun to work at, but I have yet to change the water. I will wait till April to do that. I try to do most of the year's organizing during the Easter Week. Then it is pretty much set for the year to come. So the next two weeks when I have free time will be deciding what goes where. I truly try not to have the garden look the same each year. This year I am going to do something different and plant Marigolds. As many varieties as are available. Kind of a signature for the year


  1. Beautiful garden, sweet friend. Hope you are doing well.
    Blessings and prayers, andrea

  2. wow thank-you. I am so looking forward to the months to come. The gardens are just now starting to grow. I am about take pictures and post them.

  3. hi is going to be nice to see when you have finished your pond.
    these are pretty nice decorations and i can't wait to see the marigold garden when you put it in.
    sonny do marigolds keep the squirrels away?
    did these garden ornaments belong to gramma and grampa vanderveer? if so, they really must be old!.
    are you going to paint them?
    well catch you later i and hope that you will be here more often and, give me a visit once in a while eh boy? terry

  4. You know what Terry I do take looks at your Blog, but I should leave comments more often. I always check to see if you left me comments as I truly look forward to them. The garden stuff is all mine. Grandma never would have had any of it here. Those cranes for an example are 6 feet tall. The one is broken so it is 4 ft haha. Yes that will be my project this year Marigolds. I like them and rarely use them. Keeping the squirrels away NO !!!! I wish it did.