Saturday, 6 March 2010

Canadian Hockey Draped in Olympic Gold


Here is a Canada Moment. This was taken on Feb 28th at my home in Dunnville, Ontario. It was to show the colours for the Olympic Hockey Gold Medal Final. As we Canadians expected, we won that Gold Medal in overtime 3 to 2 against the United States. The party was on after that.
O yes, that snow. It is almost gone :)


  1. pretty red for the golden team sonny sikora!
    we never watched the olympics but when the hockey team went into overtime, we watched it and it was pretty exciting!

    i am glad that the snow is almost gone!
    hurray! the next chapter....SPRING!!
    and this sunday we spring ahead an hour..the days will stay longer!! terry

  2. so true spring is so close now. However we can still get that huge snow storm yet. in Halifax we always get one around St. Patrick's Day. And it referred to as that. But is always gone in a couple of days.
    Nothing like showing the colours for the country.