Friday, 5 March 2010

The Falls with Ice

Well it is about time I restart the Blog for the year so here are some pics from my neck of the woods. Of course this is Niagara Falls. These pictures where taken on the 3 of  March 2010. It was a great day warm and with little wind. Still here in the Niagara Region we have snow but it is going away very fast now. Spring is just around the corner :)

I was wondering how to start the new year worth of pictures, It has been two months since I lasted posted. There really was not much to take pictures of. Better I want to start this year with all fresh photo's. So there will not be many for now but soon it will expand quickly enough.
I hope you all enjoy, and please send comments, they make my day a lot brighter.


  1. brrr...some start of the new year sonny sikora.
    what pretty albeit freezing these pictures are! terry

  2. Yes but just think in a couple of months we will be complaining about the heat !!!!!!! This will cool us all down

  3. oh sonny!
    you will never hear this girl complaining about the heat.NEVER!
    ha!!..the hotter the better!! terry

  4. I was thinking that we are so Blessed here in the Niagara Region to live so close to something as beautiful as the Falls. Yet we never appreciate them as a great work of God or Nature. We just take them for granted, worse we have spoiled them for a tourist trap. What a same