Friday, 5 March 2010

First Pictures of Spring in my Garden

These are the first pictures of spring in my Garden. The first is of a small turtle ornament, that was buried till this morning, next to the fish pond. The second are the first Tulips to be seen by me this year in the garden. I am sure there are more but they are still buried under about 8 cm's of snow. So Terry if you are tired of winter it is almost done.
These pictures where taken to-day March 5th 2010


  1. hey sonny sikora.... i had almost given up on you, it is so long since i have seen you!
    i hope that you are feeling good.
    and what a welcome sight these green plants are!
    sonny, did you know that dimple has unearthed some snow drops at her place, you must go over and see them!
    and i have latched on to your newest friend, the old geezer!..he is such a nice guy!
    i hope that you will come here more often or your babysitter will have to ground you! terry

  2. That is so much fun, Yes and I did look at the Old Geezer's site and I love it. I want to steal some of his stuff and post it here. I back for the seasons till next January !!!!!

  3. hi sonny!
    that mr. old geezer will let you have anything.
    i just asked him if i could.
    you don't have to steal a thing!!!
    have a good restful night and a great weekend!
    love terry

  4. awesome, that is good to know, I would have asked first!!!!!!