Wednesday, 31 March 2010

The Pond Clean-up

The dreaded day arrived yesterday. It was clean the pond day. Never a nice experience. Lets just say the smell is unpleasant at best!!!! Still must be done. The water was in there since October last and lots of decaying leaves. Still a good time to check the liner, break up the potted water plants and have a good look at the fish. Everything turned out to be just fine this year.

My Shih-Tzu "Asia", was very interested in the going on's with the ponds. She was the perfect supervisor. She just had her spring hair cut last week. She is over the shock of that one now!!!!

The Last picture is my Fish Family. Only one missing in the picture. These are a mix of gold fish types and Koi.


  1. too bad about the one gold fish missing sonny.
    you know i haven't forgotten the bag of stones i brought from our beloved rivers and wheatland manitoba for you..i really should think about mailing them to you!
    so much to do and so little time!love terry

  2. better yet why not hand deliver. I am less than one hour away!!!!! besides I would love to see your family again