Monday, 8 March 2010

the pond coming back to life

It is finally happening. Spring is coming about and the pond is a good indicator. Ice is disappearing. and I can see the fish for the first time since before Christmas. They always seem longer at this point. I guess it is the loss of some fat over the winter that gives them a longer look. Soon they will be well on their way to growth and weight gain. The best part is I lost none over wintering, I usually have a couple die each year.
Now for me to take care of some of my weight gain !!!!!


  1. Hope you have a wonderful day. Spring is trying to burst forth here, too.
    Hugs, andrea

  2. It is wonderful to have spring as I hate winter now that I am getting older. Last week we had a lot of snow still, now it is almost gone. I find it amazing how fast the season changes over

  3. oh sonny..this is such a welcome sight and to think that all of your fish are living.
    how nice could that be?!
    sonny, you may as well join the crowd.
    bernie and i have gained weight during the winter too.
    too many family get togethers with way too much food.!
    i guess we all better go on a carrot stick and celery diet, eh?..yuk!
    i am glad that you are back at blogging because i have been missing your "christ quotes"
    take care now and behave yourself, do ya' hear?
    love terry

  4. I am going to restart those as well. I think my first one will be for Wednesday. So I will post it this evening.