Friday, 4 December 2009

Storage of Tropical Plants

O wow, here we go again for another 5 months of having plants in the house. This is just one bunch of them. All said the reward is wonderful in the summer. Here it is important to slow down the growth as the light and other conditions are poor for these guys. I backed off on fertilizer in August, this helps to slow them. In September I potted them all so they will get used to the conditions of being potted. Then I backed off on their watering in October. All this stops them from growing. I really try to leave them all out side as long as possible. This year I was lucky and was able to wait till the other day, Dec 01. This is a slightly heated back room to the house so the average temp stays around 5 o C. They do not freeze so all is cool for them.

1 comment:

  1. dear gets worse and worse every year.
    it seems that when we bring the indoor plants into the house for the winter, they are bigger and in our small house, there just doesn't seem enough room!!...i think by the looks of this beauty, that you have the same problem!
    love terry