Thursday, 10 December 2009

It's Winter

Home Sweet Home!!!!!
It had to happen and it finally did. We have the snow. YUCK. If I can think of a bright side to it I would!!! All in fun.

Anyway everything is ready now for winter and in good time as well. Christmas is just two weeks a way and I am going crazy with that idea. I get really smart and stay away from all the hassle.


  1. Your house looks nice, and ready for Christmas! Have a wonderful holy day!

  2. there IS no bright side to winter sonny sikora!
    it is too cold..brrrr...
    it looks like my home town of dunnville has a whole lot more snow than welland has!
    but snow or no snow, it is still too cold!
    two weeks until christmas...unbelievable!
    where did the year go?
    your house looks like a christmas terry