Wednesday, 30 December 2009


Okay, here it is the Blue Moon. Not so rare really but it happens only once in a long while. To-night there is a blue moon in Canada, that is a second full moon in one month. Or for the more particular on such things it is the extra full moon in one season. Then in this case this will not be a blue moon. The last full moon was on December 2nd.
To-day is also my Daughter's birthday so here is an opportunity to wish her a very best HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Side note, because of the manipulation of the picture the one edge is blurred. sorry about that.


  1. dear this a for sure real picture of a blue moon?
    i can't see why you would fault this photo..i never even noticed any blurrs!

    happy belated birthday to your baby girl sonny sikora! terry

  2. This was just a fun thing,I thought it looked interesting!!!!!!

  3. Hi Reg or Sonny as Terry calls you! lol I just read her post regarding you and your gardens and I had to come over here to tell you how beautiful it all looks. I live in the Sudbury area but quite often go to Niagara Falls, at least once a month:-)

    Happy belated Birthday to your daughter and I just love that shot of the blue moon, very artistic!! Feel better soon!!

  4. Thank-you and I am feeling better. Actually off to work I go to-day but it is a short day!!!!!. We live in a wonderful area here and I so enjoy it. I have not been to Sudbury for years, shame on me for that one.Dunnvlle is a great little town of 13,000 not really to far from the Falls

  5. Terry,
    I just found your regular blog, here. You can put my link(s) on either or both blogs....where ever you would like. I am honored you would even consider.
    Thank you!!
    Hugs and prayers,