Wednesday, 16 December 2009

My Grandma's Birthday

To-day December 17th would have been my Grandmothers Birthday. I am only mentioning it here as this site is dedicated to her. She would have been 96. She just passed 3 short years ago.

Anyway this picture of my Grandparents was taken in 1955 at the time of my Parents wedding in Dunnville, Ontario.
Personal side note I miss her very much.
Happy Birthday Grandma!!!


  1. i know that you miss her sonny and i am telling you again, she would be very proud of you!
    oh, i can just imagine how much she would of have enjoyed your quotes of christ...shs surely would have! terry

  2. Grandma, so loved the Lord, She read the Bible every day while she could, then I did it for her till the end. She was in so many ways a saint amongst us, and never lost it even with dementia, although at times she could a very, stubborn, testy saint!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanx for the kind words terry