Friday, 18 December 2009

A Few Dunnville Lights

With a week to go, I thought I would show a few of our town's light displays.
The First is of an Anchor that was brought up out of Lake Erie near Dunnville
The Second is for the Shipping on the lake and the Light House. There are a few light houses in the area.
The Third is for the RCAF which had a training base here during the war. That is a Harvard
the Fourth is on the side of the  Haldimand War Memorial Hospital. Which was the second hospital in Canada dedicated to the WW I dead (1914 to 1918).

We have a wonderful tree done up in the town centre, but I was too cold already for that bit, So I will do that this weekend.


  1. oh sonny..these pictures are so nice!
    i never have any luck at all when i take pictures of all the christmas photos are always blurry.
    but these of yours are extremely terry

  2. Terry taking pictures of lights at night is hard to do. Settings are everything with this and being perfectly still.A tripod is an absolute must with a timer.