Friday, 4 December 2009

4 Churches in Dunnville

Here are four lovely churches in our town, we have many of these treasures here. The top one is Knox Presbyterian, second is St. Paul's Anglican, third is Grace United, and lastly  that one is Christ Church Anglican out near Lake Erie in Port Maitland.

I will post a few more in the near future.


  1. sonny...did you know that the grace united church is where mom golden used to go to sunday school every week?
    that is also where she met dad golden when he was visiting from st catharines one time.
    it was love at first sight..they got married by the united church preacher and the rest is history!
    nine bombinos...23 grand chidren and three great grand big happy family!!
    mom golden really enjoyed watching the video of your dad's wedding!..thanks for sending it!
    love terry

  2. Yes Terry the United Church here in town is a real treasure. A very beautiful building. The sad part is that they removed a huge pat of the wood work and pipe organ years ago, when Modern was in. I quess at the time the building was just at that age where it was not considered historic yet. My Great Grandfather James N. Allen donated most of the stained glass windows for the church. So his name is all over it.