Thursday, 3 December 2009

the Harvest

I just took up a bunch of tubers, bulbs, and corms. Lots of fun doing that. Can be a lot of work getting them all ready for winter storage and next years garden showing.

The real trick to this is "not" to store them damp, dirty, or with imperfections still on them. I wrap mine in news paper however, saw dust, or packing material works very well also. I also add a bit of fungicide powder to the wrappings as well. This can be important to do, if you have a fungus anywhere in the packaging it can or will spread through everything.

What I am showing here are Cannaceae:, Canna Lillie's, Iridaceae gladiolas:, Gladiolas, and Ipomoea batatas:, Sweat Potato Vines (two types). This is just a small part of the whole. Now to bring in the Dracaena:, Spikes!!!!!!!

This house does get taken over by the garden during the winter months. I will show a pic later to-day of how this can look.

1 comment:

  1. sonny do you HAVE to dig up these bulbs and store them for the winter?
    i thought that you could just leave them in the ground.
    they do make for a nice picture terry