Wednesday, 16 December 2009

My Back Door

Here are a few pics from the other evening. I hope that they are enjoyable to see. Yep the trap. The Falls are still very beautiful even this time of year. We have big Christmas light shows which are amazing as well. And the Friday Night Fireworks.

The First pic is a LED  light display at one of the garden lakes above the Falls
The Second is of the Skylon Tower. from below the cliff
The Third is of the Niagara Falls, City Sky-line, from one of the huge parking lots, near the Falls
The Fourth is the top running edge of the Canadian, or Horseshoe Falls
The Fifth is as well but at the very edge at Table Rock, also my new display pic
The Sixth is the Bridal Vial Falls, on the USA side
and The Seventh is the American Falls, also on the American side

I am heading back there this weekend so I will share some pics of the LED light displays.


  1. It is a dreamlike view.

    Thank you for showing wonderful scenery.

    From the Far East.

  2. and welcome, I was so pleased that you took a look, Hello from Canada to Japan.

  3. ha! sonny are a rich boy to be sure , having this view out your back door!
    just to think that we are such a short distance from the niagara falls and most of us just take it for granted but you don't!
    i have learned more about the falls from reading your blog than i ever have before and bernie and i are only eleven miles from it..oh the shame of it all!
    sonny, though, i would prefer the falls in the nice weather and NOT the cold winter, no matter how pretty they are! terry