Thursday, 17 December 2009

Hole in the Ice

Here is the Fish Pond to-day. A rather cold one -5 o C. The ice is about 2 cm thick so not to bad. I leave the fish in the pond all year round and they do not mind it. The biggest and most important key to over wintering fish out doors is to have the pond opened up even a small bit through the ice. Also to have a little water movement. This helps remove toxic gasses from the water which is the killer.

As you can see what snow we did have is gone. Still a bit would be nice now for Christmas, and winter protection


  1. That is a pretty ice sculpture, too!
    We had maybe 6 inches of snow last week, but it has rained a couple of days since then and what is left is very slushy. I get less fond of snow as I get older...

  2. I was an out door winter guy for years, now I am rarely impressed by it!!!!!!!

  3. i wonder if any of those little fishes creep up once in a while to that hole in the ice for a sniff of fresh air?...ha! terry

  4. they sure do that is how I know everything is okay under there. Other wise I will not see them till March!!!!