Friday, 4 December 2009

The December Garden Look

The garden is just about completed as of now, and in good time to boot. We had some small snow flurries this morning. The first of the year. Did I use that horrid 4 letter word (SNOW)? "What can I say", it is all about being a Canadian. How I wish at times I lived in Victoria, British Columbia, or that Canada was an Imperial Force and conquered a small Caribbean Island. This way we could have palm trees, 30 o C winters, and never leave home!!!!.
By spring we will have this very unique Canadian look, all pale and deathly looking!!!!!


  1. I enjoyed discovering your blog via the Traveling Scarf Sisters! Looking forward to visitng again.

  2. thanx ever so much for the visit

  3. well the buildings are a bright red and you can still see the shine of the pond although i guess today it must be frozen!
    naw you wouldn't like to live in victoria sonny.
    teddy's son jeff just moved there a few months ago and he wrote to me and said it is raining every day.
    as for me, even is spite of the snow, i would love to be in my beloved manitoba.
    ...where we could just stay in our cozy homes and just listen to the howling wind! terry

  4. I love your pond! It shows so much character :-). I have always wanted to build one in my back yard but I am sitting on a quartz belt in NC. I do good just to get something planted! Too hard to dig out for a pond. I am with you on the palm tree thing. My next home will be in a tropical place. Then I will build my
    Thanks for your post and pictures

  5. Kathy, Thanx ever so much for your comments,
    This pond can and does get so over grown in the summer that it truly looks natural. I rarely touch it for aesthetics. However it does require weekly maintenance.
    I am really lucky as far as soil goes. I have 2 feet of perfect soil and under that it is a red sand foundation. I can dig all day long!!!! Who knows maybe all the way to Australia!!!!. Sucks to live in a area that is really rocky if you love gardening. I lived in Nova Scotia for years and it as you describe in North Carolina.