Sunday, 3 October 2010


This is down town Toronto looking north from the Gardener Express Way. Some pics are not the greatest as it was raining and I took the pics as I was driving. Not the smartest thing to do!!!!!! I hope you enjoy them all. these were taken yesterday October 02 2010


  1. I've never been to Toronto but I would like to go. Thanks for the photos.

  2. dear sonny..i, for one think these pictures are beautiful!
    i like the angle of them...oh boy though, good thing you didn't get caught..ha!..that new law in july that you can't be using your cell phone while driving! WERE using your cell phone camera weren't you?
    the new law came out in our beloved manitoba in the middle of july and you should have seen the line ups in brandon future shop. they were all after blue tooth devices that they could use in their cars!
    ontario was a little more lenient on the fines..i think they gave drivers a two week period to get used to the idea....not so manitoba! the very first day, they snagged a few hundred people for fines!

    sonny what i really noticed this year when we drove the highway passing tortonto, is there were many huge businesses that had the canadian and american flags hanging side by side. this did my heart good...i so love both countries!...glad to see ya' sonny my boy!
    how are the jack-in-the-pulpits doing?
    any sign of red yet? terry

  3. Terry, Thanx so much for the great note hear. I must confess that the way I wrote this was if I did the driving but rather I was in the passenger seat and bugging the driver to move so I could get photos. I AM ACTUALLY LEGALLY BLIND AND I CAN NOT DRIVE, WHICH IS A GOOD THING. I would only cause an accident if I did drive.