Thursday, 21 October 2010

Fall has arrived in my Garden

a view from my back door looking at the trees in their Fall splendor

Here at my kitchen side door is more Fall going on. Tree clean up, and lots of leaves from my huge Maple in the front lawn.

It is Election Time here in the City of Haldimand County. I am doing my part for democracy!!! We have these every 4 years, at the end of October.
As you can see we are really enjoying the Fall. Lots of leaves every where. My big Sugar Maple is just to the right of the picture and it is over 30 meters tall.

Sedem Autumn Joy, and a Lady Bug ( for the Europeans the Lady Bird Beatles). These flower heads will last till spring if I let them stay. However  I will put them with every thing else into the compost pile, next week.

Here are a few Euonymus berries, from the Emerald Gaiety variety. They will stay on the bush till spring and then drop off. These are a truly lovely fruit with their orange blown out part, and the white to pink main parts. Sadly they are about the size of peas.

Finally for this post a pic of my pond with the fall colours going on.The large yellow plant is a Hosta. Frost has hit this garden the other night. So now it really has this season's look all over it. Next week comes the big clean up. That will take me days to do it.


  1. Great Photos! Toronto looks a lot like Los Angeles :-)


  2. such a peacful scene sonny!
    i like the trail of golden leaves on your sidewalk...we never rake our leaves up sonny..we like the crunch of them under our feet.
    just before the snow falls bernie will mulch them into the lawn.
    the city won't collect them anymore but that doesn't matter to us because we never DID put them into garbage bags and put them out for them to terry

  3. What lovely photos Reg. You have a beautiful garden.