Wednesday, 20 October 2010

some Fall pics of the Garden

Virginia Creeper, This is a great plant in the garden. It hides an old telephone-hydro pole, that used to run along our back yards years ago. Not shown here though is a Bird house on the top.

The PG Hydrangea, It is an awesome plant. The best flower heads have been used for indoor flower arrangements already. The best showing for these are in August when the flower heads are pure white.

Here is an over view of part of the garden looking from the house. It is a jungle back there !!!!!

Here is an over view from the back looking up towards the house. It is interesting this time of year as every thing is now changing, and quickly I might add.

and finally for this posting a few of the fish. Gold fish and Koi are seen here. I just changed the water so they will have a good fresh start for the winter. They stay in the pond for the winter. The big thing is as long as they have an opening in the ice and some water flow they will be just fine.


  1. for sure and it looks like a jungle sonny but what a delightful jungle!
    the fish look nice and bright in good clear water..all ready for their winter sleep!
    hey sonny did you get any clusters of red seeds from your jack-in-the-pulpits?
    why didn't you call this post a late ruby is excellent!
    take care sonny sikora and i will come back again! love terry

  2. I guess I should have, I was going to use this for Ruby Tuesday but I had no chance of doing it this week.

    I did not get a pic of the Jack in the Pulpit this year. The plants dried up before the seed pods were ready :(

  3. Reg the virginia creeper is lovely. It's amazing you keep your fish in the pond over winter. That is not possible in my climate.