Monday, 25 October 2010

A Ruby Tuesday in My Town Oct 26th 2010

Here is a short trip threw the town of Dunnville, Ontario Canada. These pic were taken this morning. There is a second post to-day of my gardens as well.
Voici un court voyage jeta la ville de Dunnville, en Ontario, Canada. Ces pic ont été prises ce matin. Il ya un deuxième poste le jour de mes jardins

One of our town clocks. This one faces the Grand River. It is beautifully gardened in the summer.
Un de nos horloges ville. Celui-ci fait face à la rivière Grand. Il est orné de magnifiques jardins en été.

I should mention here that the clock was stopped the other day for the year. So that was not the time I took this pic 
This is Queen Street in Dunnville. Almost the whole street was built up in the 1880's.
C'est la rue Queen à Dunnville. Presque toute la rue a été construite dans les années 1880.

A Dunnville sign as you enter the town proper. We fly the American Flag as well because we have a lot of Americans living here and the USA border is only 30 km away in Lake Erie, as the bird flies.
Un signe Dunnville que vous entrez dans la ville proprement dite. Nous volons le drapeau américain ainsi parce que nous avons beaucoup d'Américains qui vivent ici et la frontière américaine est à seulement 30 km dans le lac Érié.

There was an accident in town to-day. So here are two pics of part of the rescue team.
Il s'agissait d'un accident dans la ville aujourd'hui. Donc, voici deux photos d'une partie de l'équipe de sauvetage.

This is a neighbour of mine. The trees were outstanding the other day. To-day is a rain day so a lot of leaves came down. I still think it is nice even though the drama of it is diminished.

 C'est un de mes voisins. Les arbres étaient en circulation, l'autre jour. Aujourd'hui est un jour de pluie de sorte que beaucoup de feuilles est descendu. Je pense toujours que c'est agréable même si le drame de celui-ci est diminuée.

To-day is election day in our town so the signs are up and running !!!! Here is another neighbour's home. I am sure they did not expect so many signs on their lawn.They made the mistake of saying yes to every one

C'est aujourd'hui le jour des élections dans notre ville si les signes sont en marche!! Voici un autre voisin. Je suis sûr qu'ils ne s'attendaient pas à tant de signes sur leur lawn.They fait l'erreur de dire oui à tout le monde

This is on the side of a store and it is called "Hands Around the World". It was made by School Kids.
C'est sur le côté d'un magasin et il est appelé "Hands Around the World". Il a été fait par les écoliers.


  1. I love your collection. It's fun to get to know your town virtually.

  2. I like the look of your town. It looks friendly. :)

  3. the trees are sooooo awesome, so colorful. i love the photo!

  4. Thanks for sharing bits of your area. I like your neighbor's house.

  5. Looks like a nice small-city.and yes, the trees are simply lovely!

  6. Love the clock. The architecture in the town reminds me of towns in New Jersey or New England. Very homey!

  7. dear sonny...these pictures of my home town make me awfully homesick to see it has been a couple of years and only about thirty miles away.
    wait until i show these pictures to mom golden tonight when we see her!
    the clock is outstanding!
    and just to think! an american flag flying!
    great ruby post sonny sikora!
    i do declare they are getting better and better! terry

  8. Hi :)
    molto belle queste foto della tua città.
    Mi piacerebbe poterla visitare.
    L'autunno è la stagione che preferisco, vedere un letto di foglie colorate cadute a terra è sempre un grande spettacolo.
    Buona giornata :)