Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Ruby Tuesday October 12 2010

Another RT, Have a great one to-day

A truly Ruby Tuesday Red here in this Canna Lily

a lovely red Dahlia. They do not have much time left before the frost gets to them.

a Dr. Huey Rose, This is a last gasp at flowering for this year.

a flower box at the house, This pic looks better than it really looks as the temps are starting to make it all look old and tired.

a Chrysler Imperial Rose, These guys are just about done as well. Fall is such a sad time of year. Everything is ending for another year.

and finally for to-day the Queen Elizabeth II Rose. These are still doing well and will do well into November.

Side note about the Queen, to-day she surpasses the reign of Louis XV of France and makes her the 25th longest reigning Monarch in world history. Now are you not glad you read this!!!!!


  1. Your roses are breathtaking.
    You must be having a fairly mild climate to expect roses to live till November.
    Congrats to queen Elizabeth II. May she reign long enough to compete with her great great grandmother queen Victoria.
    Do you watch the Prom concerts from London? Two weeks ago we saw The Last Night of the Proms on TV.
    It's always great.
    The concerts are probably to find on YouTube as well.

  2. I do watch the Prom Concerts as they are always truly amazing. I have seen all that have been posted to the Youtube. The weather here has been good to great so far and I hope that it stays that way!!!!!

  3. It might be your gardens last gasp but there is a lot more flowering in your garden than there is n mine.

  4. oh sonny! nobody has prettier roses than you do and nobody can take such pictures of them.
    the love in your heart towards plants, flowers and god's creatures comes flowing out and your eyes and hands work together to create the finest photos!
    it is good to see these colourful flowers because alas!..we have lost so many leaves from the fall trees before they have even had a chance to change.
    the winds have blown them off and away!
    keep up the good work sonny....love terry