Monday, 4 October 2010

Another Ruby Tuesday, to-day October 05 / 2010 / Un autre Mardi Ruby au jourd'hui octobre 05 / 2010

A Ruby Red Geranium, and an Autumn Joy Sedum
Un géranium Ruby Red, et une Sedum Automne Joy

A Chrysler Imperial Rose with yellow Mums
Une Chrysler Imperial Rose avec les Mums jaune

The colours are changing here now in Ontario. It is a very beautiful time of year
Les couleurs sont en train de changer maintenant en Ontario. C'est un très beau temps de l'année

The wonderful reds of sumac are fantastic this time of year
Les rouges sont merveilleux de sumac fantastique cette période de l'année

a pumpkin patch not to far from were I live. This field was huge.
un champ de citrouilles ne pas ont été loin de chez moi. Ce champ a été énorme.

A corn field. This corn type is feed to cattle over the winter so I was told.
Un champ de maïs. Ce type de maïs est nourrir les bovins pendant l'hiver ce qu'on m'a dit.
some beautiful Maples on my street. I love the Fall of the year so much
certains Maples belle dans ma rue. J'aime l'automne de l'année tant
and finally for this week a view of the Tour CN Tower, I was there this last weekend. Until this year it was the tallest free standing structure on Earth. It held that title for 33 years.
et enfin pour cette semaine en vue de la Tour CN Tower, j'étais là ce week-end dernier. Jusqu'à cette année, c'était la plus haute structure autoportante au monde. Elle a jugé que le titre depuis 33 ans.

Next Monday is our Canadian Thanks-giving Week-end . Happy Thanks-giving every one
grâce bonne donnant la fête du Canada



  1. very nice photos! I really like the pumpkin patch..looks like it's straight out from fairy tale books.

  2. your photos are beautiful ... and make me so glad we're heading towards summer. i'm tired of the cold weather.
    happy ruby tuesday.
    My Ruby Redness

  3. Pumpkin patches and Fall colors arriving.. Great lens captures.
    My Ruby Tuesday link for you

  4. I really enjoy your photos :)
    Thanks for dropping by...

  5. You have a beautiful fall as we do here in VA. I love seeing the names of the flowers.
    Thanks for visiting me. I enjoy your blog.

  6. Yes, I agree that October is a beautiful month in Ontario! :)

  7. Yes Ontario is amazing this time of year. I love my home Province so much and this is like the fire works are on to end another great year

  8. Lovely colourful photos Reg. Happy Thanksgiving to you.

  9. Your RT photos are great; you live your life a place with such a wow-nature ;-)

  10. Beautiful photos! Fall is wonderful for reds isn't it? I would love to see more of your country -- so many beautiful places -- another roadtrip I hope! Meanwhile thanks for sharing.

  11. "great article here, thx for sharing"

  12. Awesome photos Reg. the pumpkin patch looks quite surreal and I had to study it a while before I realised I was looking at pumpkins.

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