Wednesday, 20 October 2010

The Milkweed seed pod opening

The Milkweed is now seeding as seen here. I love these in the garden. It is a nice plant and easy to control in the garden setting. The main reason I have them is due to the Monarch Butterfly. They need this plant for the young as it is the only thing they eat. I think these are rather dreamy looking when they bursting open

another close up of the same pod.

and finally here is one with the wind just catching it and started moving the seeds clear of the pod.


  1. Very cool. I love seeds with wind-catchers on them!

  2. dear sonny....thank you so much for these know how much i love milk weeds!!.
    i have never seen them so fine looking as this because when we were kids, we would just pick them and rip them open ourselves and send that delicate silk to the four winds!
    just like angel hair for sure on your milk weed plants sonny sikora!
    so so nice! terry

  3. Terry I hope you enlarged the pics here. The detail is just perfect for these.

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