Sunday, 4 July 2010

Our Queen on the Hill

Our Queen was in Ottawa the other day to celebrate our 143 birthday. I will only show one pic here. What a great day of pomp and ceremony. More so it was our Nation's Birthday.

Sadly I had a few complaints when I posted a few Be Proud of Canada posts as our National Holiday approached. I just want to say here, I am not anti American, I just happen to be as proud of my Great Nation as the Americans are of their Great Nation. That said Happy Forth of July to all my American Relatives, Friends and Followers.
I am looking forward to seeing all the Fourth of July pics this week


  1. And Happy Canada day to you as well.
    How did you get that shot of the queen?

  2. aw that is too bad that you had any complaints sonny. your canada day posts were just something!
    and why shouldn't you be proud of the country that you served in the navy for and for the country that your own dear son is battling for freedom for?
    sonny this is such a glorious picture of our queen!
    sonny why don't you use this for your ruby tuesday?
    what say? terry

  3. Okay I will do that I will post this as my Ruby Tuesday

  4. Actually I was really heart broken about it all there was two comments. One stated that Canada was not a real country, the other stated that These Blogs are meant for Americans. I am all better about it now. It did hurt at the time though.

  5. good boy sonny!
    what better ruby tuesday could you do as well as our beloved queen and you didn't get to see her just because you wanted to help your friends who had to say goodbye to that lovely elderly lady that you took a picture of in the dunnville parade. i am sure that her family really appreciated it!...god bless you terry

  6. Mary Lou, I did not take the picture but my camera was used, and one huge lens got it close.

  7. Super photo....I just read on Yahoo News this morning that the queen is now in NYC. wish I were there to greet her.

    Mine is: a ruby antique. Do come over for a visit if you can today. I'd love your company.

  8. Wow, Awesome shot Reg. Sorry to hear you had complaints, don't even worry about them.

  9. When I joined the Military at 17, I took an Oath of Allegiance to our Queen as Head of State and as well as our Commander and Chief. That was a hugely proud moment for me. To this day although now retired I still take that Oath seriously. Her Majesty took a similar one 58 years ago and she has held up her end of the bargain, with absolute life devotion to all the people great and small.

  10. What a great shot - she's very well color coordinated, isn't she?

    Sorry you got hit by trolls, don't feed them and they'll leave soon enough. Wear your patriotism proudly, as well you should.

    PS You know far more about gardening than I. Any chance you can have a look at the shot I posted today - it's a full shot of that same flower. I've been trying all week to identify it in English without any luck. In Hebrew it's called a head/lead chrysanthemum (hartzit rosh) but I haven't been able to find anything similar online to check the correct English name. Any chance you know what it is?

    My photography is available for purchase - visit Around the Island Photography and bring home something beautiful today!

  11. Dear Reg,
    I think Saija of Manitoba told me that Canada is the third largest country in the world, counted in square kilometers.
    It's a great and proud country and you have every right in the world to be proud of your country, your constitution and the way you have served your country.
    Why should anyone manage to belittle you??
    There are people who feel so inferior, they have to trample on others to enlarge their self esteem They are small loosers. Never pay attention to them.
    Teach Mary is so proud that her Ruby Tuesday meme is going around the world. You are an important part of this multitude. So am I, from far away little Norway with only 5 million inhabitants.
    I guess we doover estimate our value. That's the opposite of what you do.
    Any visitor to Norway must be prepared to answer blunt questions about "How do you like Norway?""How do you like our girls?" "How do you like our food?"
    The bewildered tourist does better answer "Fine", "Fine" and "Fine", less he want to offend the Square head.
    We are stupidly childish in our pride.
    There sure will be room for some Norwegian moderation. As well as the Canadian should be more public in their pride over their wonderful nation.
    Queen Elizabeth is indeed proud every time she visits Canada. Lots of red pomp and circumstances in your picture.
    Lot to be proud about!!!!

  12. Hi Reg,
    What a terrific image of the queen! Her red dress was perfect. :)
    I don't know why some people feel the need to use the comment section for their misguided intent. I visit and am visited by many bloggers throughout the world and consider many to be friends even though we have never met. I get to see their country and they mine. These are places I'd never see otherwise and for that I'm truly grateful.
    Be proud of your Canada as you should be.
    I'm American but you know what - I'd LOVE to see the Queen in person. :)
    So glad you visited.

  13. Felisol, I can assure you Canada is the second largest Nation in the world and by a good stretch. Only Russia is larger. Any way I have been to Norway and I loved it there. I had so much fun or I should say my Ship's Company had so much fun. We where treated as Royalty every where we went. It is a truly lasting memory.

    About my Blog,I admit I got hurt some what. I am over it. People are people every where and we have them here as well. That said thank-you so much for visiting my site, and I enjoy and have enjoyed yours now for a time since I discovered it threw RT.

  14. you see why felisol is my bestest friend.
    she is always there to lift me up when i am down and now she has done it for my favourite little kid that i used to babysit for!!
    sonny just looking at these comments that you have gotten here, shows you how many friends from all over the world and all over the states that you have!
    what are two rude commenters to worry about because the rest of us really love you! we really do! terry

  15. Carletta, I enjoy this RT for the same reasons you do, I love to meet people from around the world and I so enjoy learning how others live. I was well suited for the Navy as that gave me a chance to see the world as it really was, Good and Bad. I have been to the USA so many times and I live with in sight of NY State and the Pen State. That being both are across Lake Erie from me.
    I have meet the Queen on a few occasions. each time for seconds. You never for get each time. She is such a big part of our History.

  16. Terry you are so right. I think I got a bit defensive. I did realize that I have hundreds of great and wonderful comments. I let two get to me . I forgot the hundreds that where wondrous. I think that there is a lesson for me in all this and I have learned it.
    Just wait till next week, I have a great post already in the works.
    felisol is truly wonderful and she was a great help. I do love her blog and her pics are beautiful. I always had a great love for Norway ever since we where hosted by her great and wondrous Nation.

    O yeah, My Monarch Butter-fly eggs hatched to-day. New post to-marrow, pictures where just taken a hour ago.

  17. I can't believe someone would have the nerve to talk trash about your Country. Those people should be ashamed. Happy Belated Canada Day! Love the Ruby Tuesday shot.

  18. This is a fabulous shot of the Queen and guards! How did she know to wear red for Ruby Tuesday!? I hope it wasn't too hot for her today in New York City!

  19. I see lots of red here, even the Queen is in matching colors! beautiful shot.

  20. What a wonderfully RED photo! And now the poor woman is in America suffering the heat, when she should be nodding off in her rocking chair!

  21. Isn't she nice for her age ?
    and all in red !

  22. What a perfect Ruby Tuesday photo -- we went to London once but we didn't get to see the Queen ;>) I'm jealous.

    I can't believe anyone would complain over your being proud of your own country. It's a shame there are people like that.

    Here in the RV resort where we stay part of the year (its in Florida) there are a lot of Canadians who wpend the winter. There are Flags of both great Nations at all the events.

  23. I thought the Queen did well to wear Ruby Red for Ruby Tuesday!!!!! Who would have guessed she was so aware of this fantastic Blog set up of Ruby Tuesday. The Queen was in Toronto yesterday as well and it was just as hot there as it was in NYC. It can not be easy for an 84 year old to be so pushed with duty in such awful heat.

  24. Sally, I am a firm believer in being proud of one's nation. Our Nation no matter which one was built on the hard work of all who came before us. In turn future generations will benefit from or maybe suffer from all of our contributions to our nations. Thank-you for your comment

  25. Wow! How did you get that great photo?

    You had complaints about your proud-to-be-Canadian post? Hmmmm!

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  27. EG WOW, just two, But I am over it. It had nothing to do with RT people.