Friday, 2 July 2010

a Monarch Butter-fly and her eggs

This old Monarch was laying eggs in my Milkweed yesterday. I will send pics here as they hatch and grow and become adults. It will take about a month or more.

This is an old lady, Her wings are tattered, scales missing and her colour is lacking. She is probably 4 months old. They live about four months normally.

One of the two eggs I seen her lay. These are called


a close up of the egg

Here is a second egg, there are six in total that I found.

This is what keeping nature in the garden is all about. Leaving some of the natural fona where it be, nature will come.


  1. That is absolutely incredible. Great pics!

  2. dear sonny..these are beautiful creatures, eh?
    sonny when the milk weeds go to seed can you post some pictures of them?
    i remember when we were out living on the air force base in trenton, ont that we used to wait until that time of year to pick them and send the soft silky insides all over the place!
    i don't think we had that privilege in our beloved manitoba!
    they were nowhere to be found because the earth was so dry.
    sonny sikora...we will be leaving soon..i will let you know terry