Thursday, 8 July 2010

The Monarch Babies are Born

This young guy just hatched a short while before
These are the same two, that came from the eggs shown last week
A close up. Actually very plain at this very young stage. Now to keep track of them. I do know that they will not leave so it is just a matter a looking for them daily
The Flower head of the Milk-weed. It is actually very beautiful

Here are the Milk-weed that have the babies on. These will be all stripped down in a few weeks. they all stand over a meter tall.


  1. great capture and goodluck on keeping an eye on them.

    the flower is simply gorgeous

  2. oh sonny! the milkweed are so pretty and soon when they go to seed they will have a white silky finery about them.
    i hope you get some nice pictures of them.
    by then the baby monarchs will be bigger.
    last night it was so sad sonny. after prayer meeting when we were just standing around and talking, i heard one of the ladies calling, "terry terry"!
    and so i asked her what was wrong and there laying on the cement was a baby had fallen out of the nest.
    bernie went to get a ladder and he gently put the birdie into the shelter of the nest, but no sooner than he had got the ladder back into the church, the bird was on the ground again.
    bernie went to pick it up and i told him, maybe he should give the little guy some water.
    and so he did and he put it back into the nest.
    we could see the mother robin keeping an eye on we left praying that the baby robin was all right.
    alas! when we checked at the church this morning, the little bird lay on the ground dead.
    bernie buried it in the church garden and we both felt so bad.
    sonny is it possible that the other two young robins kicked him out of the nest...tell me it was not so! terry

  3. the flower pic here is great! i like the close-ups! have a nice weekend-thanks for visiting my blog

  4. Okay Terry I have no idea what happened but sometimes if one of the young is sick or deformed in some way, it will be rejected. In most cases it will be the parent, but not always. I do not think it was just trying to fly early and jumped the nest it self. This may not be the answer you hoped for but nature does and will take care of things in it's own way

  5. How sweet, Reg. I hope you are able to keep track of them.

  6. Thanx Melanie, me as well. We had a huge storm to-day and I hope despite the damage to the Milkweed that every thing is okay, I will have to steak these guys up now

  7. poor plants, they will be cut soon! you made a very nice macro on that small worm..beautiful!

  8. Well, Reg, I came for Ruby Tuesday, and your flowers there are lovely. But I was more interested in the monarch babies and milkweed. I've seen monarchs, but never milkweed before. It does have beautiful flowers, and I think the plants are lovely, too.

  9. i hope to grow my own patch of milkweed in a year or so. I have the seeds but have not planted them yet. I watched a butterfly emerge from a cocoon one summer. It was really awesome. Your blog is full of beautiful floral colours. Lovely! Ann