Friday, 23 July 2010

My Fruit Trees

The Bartlet Pear, This tree in my Garden is actually very small. It stands at the max of 2 meters. However it is a real producer. This tree needs a second for propagation and it is not another Bartlet, it is a Bosc Pear that is ideal or this. This is the pear that you draw in elementary school!!!! It is a beautiful fruit and tastes very nice.

The Bosc Pair, This pear is an Ugly Duckling. However for taste there is no other to surpass it. If you love the taste of pears this is the one. This guy needs a second Pear for Propagation and it is the Bartlett. So if you do like I did and buy one of each. Your problems are solved. This tree grows very large. Mine is already at least 4 meters tall.

The Burbank Plum, If you love plums you will love this one. It has to be the most beautiful flowering fruit tree in the spring and it is always the first to show off. If I have a complaint about this as a tree is that it will grow huge. up to 2 meters a year. I always cut the years growth way back for the next year.

I have a Macintosh Apple but I am not showing it here as this is the tree's first year and I killed the Babies !!!! hard to do that really!!! so it will concentrate on producing roots.


  1. Very true.
    That fruit reminded me of some of the fruits that we had to draw as a todler in school.

  2. Hepsi birbirinden güzel. Paylaşımınız için teşekkürler.


  3. Fuat Gencal

    Teşekkür öylesine çok .. Ayrıca teşekkür-ziyaret sizin için. Günler büyük bir

  4. Haddock, I know it brings back memories of school when I was a kid 40 years ago !!!!!!

  5. Wonderful. I've never seen pears growing on a tree. Do they store well?

  6. Sorry pears keep at best for a couple of weeks and that is it. I so wish that it was more like apples. I eat my fill so fast and then I do not want them again for a year. Pears are my favourite fruit