Monday, 12 July 2010

another Ruby Tuesday, to-day July 13 2010

a hot pink Lily!!!
A very deep Orange to Red day Lily. Since I am half  Dutch I had put out a big arrangement yesterday for the Dutch FIFA Team. O well, Next Time!!!!!! Nice win Spain

Very deep Oranges and Reds here

A purple cone flower, These are a native plant to southern Ontario.

Trumpet Vine. These are just beautiful and they attract Hummingbirds like crazy

A Miniature Rose type. I do not know the name of it. It was bought after Christmas in a clearance sale two/thirds dead. But it has come back nicely.

This is a base section of what will be the Tallest Windmill in Canada when completed. It is huge. It went past my place the other day. One of the mid sections went past yesterday but I had dead batteries in my camera :(.


  1. The lilies are so beautiful - hope they smell good too!

    Tink *~*~*

  2. They are beautiful, especially the lilies.

    Happy RT!

  3. Love this series of colourful blossoms!

  4. love all you images here! those lilies are so beautiful!

  5. perfect images for RT meme! thanks for are always welcome to visit Germany!

  6. I'm very bad at flower names, but i do notice their beauty. These are just gorgeous.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Happy Tuesday!

  7. Your flower pictures are stunning. I am bold enough to ask, are they yours?
    If so,I am not envious, but mute with admiration.
    It must be your Dutch genes.
    Nowhere in the world are flowers appreciated like in Holland.
    I know, I have a very close friend who became a munch in a Dutch monastery.
    Once I visited and an old brother told me about the hunger during the German occupation in ww2. We had no food, so we had to eat flower bulbs, he said with tears in his eyes.

    We saw to soccer match yesterday. Serina, my mother and I were for the Netherlands, my husband and my brother chose the Spanish side.
    It was a black night, but incredibly exiting.
    Robben is my guy. he scores great goal. A genius.

    P.S: I'm so sorry I did not remember, Canada is the second largest country on planet earth.
    That is...huge.
    My brother was in Hamilton some tenish years agoto play bridge. He went to see the Niagara Falls. They are indeed huge too.

  8. Felisol , Thank-you for such a great note. Firstly these are all my flowers on the site. If not I make a point of stating that. Yes I am Half Dutch. My Mother's side of the Family. Their name was/is Van der Veer.
    That is really Okay about the size of Canada thing. Yes we are huge and at times that is a curse to Canada because we are so far spread across this Nation. I reread what I wrote and I am sorry that I wrote my comment a bit strong. I had not intended it that way.
    Niagara Falls is such a huge tourist Trap, but also so beautiful as well. I live so close and I rarely go there. Funny how that goes. I have been to the Netherlands and I so enjoy it. I am also aware of the war years, My next door neighbour lived in the Netherlands during the war. He is also quick to point out that even during so much horrible happening a lot of German regular army where actually very kind to the locals. I am pleased to know that some how.

  9. those are such glorious blooms.

  10. Good day! :) Amazing, gorgeous, awesome flowers you have here, reg! :)

    I followed you by the way. 'Hope you'll follow me, too. thanks! :)

    Enjoy the rest of the week, Reg. :)

  11. Hi Regs, thank for the visit and comments. You have an intersting blogs here. I love the series of your photos the lilies were such always a pretty flower. Beautiful and neat photos.

  12. Anyway, I've added your link and followed you as well.

  13. Lovely blooms. Such a beautiful garden you have. Love all your photos.

    Thanks for the visit.

    Happy Ruby Tuesday

  14. Stunning shots!
    Such beautifully vivid color. The hot pink is striking.
    Will the windmill be close enough for you to 'capture' it for us?

  15. Beautiful selection of flowers in your garden.

  16. This is a stunning series and the light is lovely.

  17. The flowers are so beautiful! I didn't know coneflower is Southern Ontario native.

  18. What a great collection of flowers. The captures are just fantastic. Have a wonderful Ruby Tuesday.

  19. Very beautiful flower photos. Ruby Red for sure! You must have a beautiful garden.
    There are many of these windmills around the Midwest USA where I live. Ihope they are worth the expense.
    The World Cup was great from start to finish.
    I'm planning a trip through Ontario later this Summer/early Fall. Passing through Niagra Falls is a "for sure".


  20. Nice, I hope you enjoy your self here in the land of the frozen chosen!!!!
    this windmill is supposed to be something unbelievable, and then a few more the same size will be erected. I actually like the European idea more though smaller units, and few more of them. Instead of the overwhelming the sky above

  21. icy BC I did not either till I read it in a few Ontario native plant books I have

  22. Carletta, the windmill, no, but it is still not going to be all that far either. When completed I will make a point of getting a pic or two of it.

  23. Lovely lilies!!
    We were rooting for Spain, of course, and it's been a wonderful celebration. Sorry about the 2nd place, but there is always the next World Cup!!
    Enjoy your day.

    winning colors

  24. lovely colourful pictures Reg. Coneflowers are some of my favourites. IS it going to be a windmill farm?

  25. That is so cool to have a windmill go right past your house. I love purple cone flower. Thanks for the info. about the kohlrabi.

  26. Hi Reg... those are beautiful flowers in your garden... and beautiful captures, too. For some reason I find getting a clear shot of red flowers a challenge I seldom meet.

    You mentioned on my blog that you are interested in the history of the city, but I wasn't sure whether you meant Manila (where I now live) or Kathmandu (where the RED photo was taken). Either way, both cities have definitely changed a lot since the '70s, although I wasn't in either then. In fact, I lived in your area, St Kitts to be exact, for three years [I used to go drinking in Niagara Falls] and then two years in Guelph. :-)

  27. gorgeous! I love flowers....:) thanks for dropping by!

  28. Francisca, I was in reference to Kathmandu still Manila is of great interest to me as well.
    Wow neighbour so you would know my hunting grounds as it where !!!!! I'm older now so not much into the bar crowd like once upon a time. The Sundowner was always a fun place to go!!!!! I hate going to St. Kitts the roads are crazy there, I always manage the scenic root when I want to go some place in a hurry. Of course I never get lost!!

  29. wow, i love the manicure rose.. beautiful flowers.. :)

  30. Every one of your flowers is a stunning jewel...perfect for Ruby Tuesday!!!

  31. Ahh-ahhh-ahhhh-CHOOOOO!

    Sorry, I'm terribly allergic to lilies. They're gorgeous, but I can't go near them.

    My photography is available for purchase - visit Around the Island Photography and bring home something beautiful today!

  32. a very astounding pictures... thanks for the visit

  33. your flower shots are wonderful, very colourful and full of details.

  34. Lovely shots, great RT post.
    I particularly love the miniature rose that you resurrected.
    Thanks for your visit at mine.