Saturday, 21 November 2009

A reminder of why I do this blog after 100 posts

About Me

I was born in the Dunnville, Ontario Area. I lived across the Country as my Father was in the Royal Canadian Air Force, I was in the Canadian Navy (Maritime Command) now retired. I was raised in such places as St. Jean, Quebec/ Rivers, Manitoba/ Tafino, British Columbia/ and New Castle, New Brunswick. Both my Grandmothers gave me a joy of the garden and now I work my maternal Grand-mother's garden. She passed a couple of years ago at 93, unfortunately with dementia. So this is for her really. If you ever have a dime to spare give a portion of it to dementia research Thank-you

This is what I posted the first day of this a new blog a month ago. This Tuesday will mark my late Grand-parents 75th wedding Anniversary. For those who follow the Blog and knew my Grandparents they will understand.
To Grandpa thank-you for all the manual labour spent, and for Grandma all the weeding and caring given to this a wonderful garden. It is international now!!!!!!! I will say it is no longer the particle vegetable garden that you had but it has become what some would say is the finest garden in this town


  1. dear sonny...i must of missed this post the last time i was here.
    it is such a heart moving one.
    i have already told you that your grandparents wouls have been so proud of you!
    i am! and so are your family and friends!
    love terry

  2. I have been so fortunate lately to have in my possession my Grandparents personal papers such as birth certificates and rewards over the years. They where found lately in a box of other things. I am so blessed to have these. My project as of late is to scan all of it and send out copies to relatives, so they can enjoy their part of their lives with them.