Thursday, 19 November 2009

Life Cycle of a Queen

This is a series of photos of the same butter-fly from Egg to Adult. It took several weeks to get through all the stages. I was lucky to be out on my front Veranda when I saw the mother depositing an egg on a Milk-weed that I let grow in the flower bed. I kept track of it all along, at times it was a search but I stuck to it. I had taken hundreds of pictures. These represent the essence of what happened. As the Title would indicate this is a female


  1. oh sonny,,this is just amazing!
    how your patience won out and your ability at taking these pictures is beyond, so good and where have you been sonny boy?
    i missed you! terry

  2. again thanx for the compliment. Yes there was a lot of patience for this small project for sure. However so exciting to catch the whole process. I actually have a picture of the Mother as well.I made a small video of the whole thing. You must take a look at it some times. I used the music from Hay Jude for it.

    Poor me I am over worked !!!! Actually I have been. So the Blog has suffered a fair bit. I must make a bigger effort to do more with it more often. To-day was just that.