Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Polygonia comma:, Eastern Comma Summer Colours

This guy is on a Spiraea x bumalda Goldmound:, Goldmound Spirea. This is a lovely yellow leafed plant that thrives here. One of the great features of the plant is that it attracts a huge range of butter-flies to this garden. Such as this one here enjoying the pink flowers. These butter-flies are not rare here but I actually do not see them very often. I am asked often what it is. I believe they are more common in the Eastern Seaboard States of the United States.
What I find most attractive about these is the shape of the wing edge.


  1. Nice picture, Reg. Thanks for the information; I like butterflies but don't know the names of many...

  2. I am fascinated by them, so I always took an interest. Again thank-you for your comment

  3. oh for the sunny days of spring and summer sonny when we will be seeing these guys on the pink flowers again!...such a pretty picture sonny, kiddo of mine!..love terry