Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Poor Me !!!

I was really Ill with the flu but I am all better now, sort of !!!
So I will start posting again to-marrow


  1. what do you mean "poor me!"?
    shouldn't it be poor us..after all you have given us so many lovely posts and now here you leave us high and dry except of course for this lovely orange lily!
    we have missed you but i sure am glad that you are getting better.
    love terry

  2. I am now for sure now, I had what I guess they call a relapse. I had to do some major yard work the other day, because of leaf pic up. and It bit back. To-day is the first time I even looked at the site for days. So I guess that means I am getting better.
    this is not the H1N1, just a bad flu