Friday, 14 April 2017

This is my Burbank Plum tree, It is a fantastic tree with the perfect Blooms in the spring, It should bloom with in a few days. The Plums are a large size with a reddish purple skin, ready usually in mid August.

Here are a series of pics from the back yard. To-day being Good Friday and actually a nice day. Warm, sunny. and a light breeze. Well worth a coffee in the garden this after-noon.

 Here is a pic of the Back yard to-day. Not much to see just yet but soon enough there will be.

Just a lovely reminder of Easter Week-end. Nothing more pretty than the yellows of these wonderful little plants.

 And here is the fish pond requiring a huge amount of work. That will be a day or more all by it self. The fish are all healthy and there are many new comers to the pond.

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