Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Spring is here and in bloom, very nice pleasant days, and of course rain days as well. The flowers are popping up every where. I understand that Thursday will reach 27 o C and possibly rain to come with it.

This of course is the Common Hyacinth, very popular here most gardens have at least a few in them, I have several , going from this to a light pink, purple and white ones. They are a must in garden around here

This is one of the many varieties of Narcissus that are available here, This one is Narcissus Kedron, really nice little guys.  Most are very hardy and long lived with their blooms. Well worth a purchase of at least a few in the fall, They look much better as a cluster. Ideally plant them amongst your shrubs.

This is a very beautiful White Daffodil, It is called Mount Hood. it is about the same size as the King Alfred. These are incredible.

these little guys are known as Tulipa Tarda, they are a wonder in the garden, very easy to keep, self seed and you need not do a thing for them. These are closing for the evening, I will post a pic later in open bloom.

this is a lovely mid range tulip, known as the Toronto, it is a very hardy tulip and it has naturalised in my garden very nicely. Well worth buying if you come across it

The Burbank Plum, this is a lovely tree, just loaded in flowers, here is the over all view of it. The first butterflies I see every year are on this, and usually it is the Red Admiral that comes a calling first.

This is the close up view of one of the flowering stocks. the smell is incredible and it just looks amazing. I usually cut a few Branches and bring them in and show them off in the Kitchen.

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