Tuesday, 17 January 2017

A few interior pics of the House, she has gone threw some big renovations as of late, and I thought I would show some of the rooms. This old girl is 119 years old this year so she has seen some very good times as well as some bad.

 Here are two of the guest Bed-rooms. They are rarely used, but they do from time to time when company show up.

 The Kitchen, Since I live alone it rarely gets the use that it can accommodate, but I am okay with that. This way I do not have to clean it often.

 the dinning-room, I use this room a fair bit as I do have my Computer in here. I do not like the dining set, but it is okay for now.

 the living-room, rarely use it but nice for when I have company.

 The Breakfast-nook, I use this room the most often. I love it and I have great views of my gardens from here

and Asia just because, this is her home, I am just the maid service !!!

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